‘BN250’ secures National Park Authority support

IMG_0077The ‘BN250’ project has received further financial backing – this time from the New Forest National Park Authority.

On 21st October, members of the project Steering Group, representing the three members of the project partnership – Lymington & Pennington Town Council, the Lymington Society and Hampshire Gardens Trust – attended the quarterly meeting on the NPA Sustainable Communities Fund panel and secured a grant of £18,500, to fund the principal landscape improvements necessary on the Walhampton site.  These include forestry, laurel and scrub removal, drainage of the lower half of the site, fencing and planting.

The project management is now engaged in detailed project planning and the tendering of contractor work packages, with a view to undertaking the necessary tasks between December 2014 and March 2015 – the time of year when it will cause the least disturbance to wildlife.

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