Pennington Infants six week project on the life of Sir Harry

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The Burrard Neale campaign was thrilled to learn that all the pupils in year two at Pennington Infants School had chosen to complete a six week scheme of work based around the life and times of Sir Harry. On visiting the school Mark Lanigan and Pam Morrissey from the Burrard-Neale campaign and Helen Robinson from the New Forest National Park were able to question the children about their work and were given a guided tour of the exhibits that had been made by the children including maps, wall displays and letters to Sir Harry . The children had even used ‘The Life of Sir Harry’ to explain one of the schools value words resilience.

The children will be taking part in the poster design competition and the Burrard-Neale team is looking forward to a return visit to see their work and present prizes.

Many thanks to Sarah Draper and both class two teachers  Mr Butcher and Mr Hustler for allowing us to visit and share all the great work that has been achieved.



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