National Park staff visit the Monument


On 24th March, a dozen members of the New Forest National Park Authority (NFNPA) visited the Walhampton Monument  They were taking part in a study tour of recent project sites, organised by NFNPA Archaeologist Frank Green – also a member of the ‘BN250’ Steering Group.  Frank explained that ‘those involved in the visit occupy a variety of roles at the Authority’s Head Office in Lymington and it’s good for them to find time to collectively review some recent ‘case studies’, to compare notes and appreciate the impact that each of their decisions has on  the overall project outcomes.
The NFNPA has been particularly helpful to the ‘BN250’ project -offering advice on a range of issues and, in particular, making a grant under its Sustainability Fund to meet many of the costs of restoring the Walhampton site

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