Burrard Neale 250 Anniversary Events Announced for 16th September

The Burrard Neale 250 Project, organised and coordinated by the Lymington Society, is proud to announce the plans for the Celebration of the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale – Lymington’s most illustrious and celebrated resident whose life and achievements were celebrated by the erection in 1841 of the magnificent 76 foot granite obelisk known as the Walhampton Monument which overlooks the town from the East.

Celebration Event and Concert at St Thomas’s Church 16th September 

Lymington-30The main focus of the Celebration of the birth of Sir Harry will be at St Thomas Church on Wednesday, 16th of September when a Celebration Event and Concert by the Royal Naval Band from HMS Nelson in Portsmouth will take place at 7.30 pm. This Concert organised by the Burrard Neale Team will be a Pre-Festival event to the Solent Music Festival

Celebration Event

Starting at 7:30 PM in St Thomas Church there will be a short Celebration Event describing the life and times of Sir Harry Burrard Neale. This will be illustrated with actors from the Lymington Players taking the part of Sir Harry and his wife Grace Neale describing some of the momentous events which made Sir Harry so famous in his lifetime, not only as a swashbuckling naval hero but also as close confident and friend of King George III.

Exciting Concert of Royal Naval Brass Band Music and Solo Performances.

Following this opening part of the evening an exciting Concert by the HMS Nelson Royal Naval Volunteer Band will then take place. Under their Leader Colour Sgt Nigel Jones, the HMS Band will then play a rousing and exciting programme of military and other well-known tunes ranging from the deeply traditional such as “Hearts of Oak” (the official Royal Naval March) through to works by composers such as Vaughan Williams, Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits, Shostakovich, John Williams and many others.

For those who love traditional brass band music this will be a musical treat with a wide range of music to suit all tastes from traditional to modern and celebrating the era of the big band and Duke Ellington as well as more traditional tunes.

The Concert will be in two halves with a generous interval at half-time where drinks will be served for those wishing for some refreshment and there will be wine and soft drinks available.

Concert Is a Pre-Festival Event with the Solent Music Festival

smf-logo-no-date-rgb-square-01-e1426706400114The Concert although organised by the Lymington Society, will be a pre-festival event as part of the Solent Music Festival and tickets for the concert can be bought online from the Solent Music Festival website at www.solentmusicfestival.com. Tickets can also be bought from wine merchants Solent Cellar in St Thomas Street or on the door. Tickets cost £10 for adults with under 18’s being admitted free of charge.

Small Naval Patrol Boat Coming to Lymington As Part of Anniversary Celebration

In order to mark the importance of this occasion the Royal Navy will be sending a P2000 fast patrol boat to Lymington which will be anchored at the Royal Lymington Yacht club on Wednesday the 16th of September to help commemorate the life and times of Adml Sir Harry Burrard Neale. It  is hoped that visitors will be able to look round the ship.

Beautifully Restored HMS Medusa Fast Launch Also Coming to Lymington

MedusaAlso coming to Lymington to help celebrate the occasion will be the beautifully restored HMS Medusa Harbour Defence Launch which is lovingly maintained and restored by the HMS Medusa Trust.

Harbour Defence Launches were fast patrol boats which acted as offshore screens for harbours, for rescuing downed pilots and searching for submarines. HMS Medusa saw service in the Second World War during the epic D-Day invasion and is the last surviving vessel to have been on Omaha Beach on D-Day.

Medusa will be stationed on the pontoon of the Lymington Town Sailing Club on the 16th and 17th of September and will be available for the public to have a look round during their visit.

Full details of the history of the Medusa are available on the Medusa Trusts website atwww.hmsmedusa.org.uk.

Speaking about the Anniversary Celebrations planned by the Burrard Neale Team Don Mackenzie Chairman of the project said:

“Almost certainly Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale is the most eminent and distinguished person to have come from Lymington and certainly one who made the biggest impact nationally.

 The Lymington Society through the Burrard Neale 250 Team has been proud to have undertaken the project to bring Sir Harry and his achievements back to public prominence and to have organised the renovation of the grounds around the monument and to have set in train fundraising to clean and repair the monument itself.

2015 is the 250th anniversary of the birth of Sir Harry at Walhampton House in 1765 and the 175th anniversary of his death in 1840. It is therefore fitting that this is the year in which we have been able to complete the renovation of the grounds around the monument and the restoration of several monuments to his life in the town as well as set in train the necessary fundraising to completely clean and repair the monument to help it survive for many decades into the future.

 We are very grateful to the HMS Nelson Royal Naval Volunteer Band for coming to Lymington and for planning such a fantastic and exciting programme of brass band music to help us celebrate Sir Harry’s 250th anniversary.

 We also very excited and grateful to have two naval vessels coming to Lymington to help us celebrate this anniversary both of which will be open to the public on the 16th and 17th of September.

HMS Medusa which will be on the pontoon of the Lymington Town Sailing Club is an extremely historic vessel with the distinguished wartime record and the crew will welcome people who wish to look round and support the Trust maintaining this fine example of wartime patrol boat.

 We hope that local people will support the exciting Concert and Anniversary event and look forward to seeing as many as possible in St Thomas Church for what promises to be fantastic celebration and exciting musical occasion.

 Full details of the programme of events to help celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sir Harry Burrard Neale are available on the Burrard Neale website at www.burrard-neale250.org.uk and on the Lymington Society website at www.lymsoc.co.uk.


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